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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Flipping Unbelievable & D. Lawless Hardware

Today I'm happy to show off some of the work from a repeat customer and marvelous furniture flipper Jessica Wollin. Jessica is the talent behind the popular furniture flipping Facebook page and small business Flipping Unbelievable.

We were lucky enough to pick Jessica up as a customer late last year and even luckier that she shared her photos with us the other day in the DLH Friends group!

Please take a minute to click over to her page and you won't be sorry. She has tons of awesome work! Selfishly, I have only included the ones that use D. Lawless! HAHAHAHA!

First up is a nice matching 3 piece set using some of our glass pulls...

3 piece furniture set

3 piece bedroom set

matching bedroom set

And a couple of nice projects using French Provincial style pulls that we have been out of lately. Hopefully we'll be carrying a couple of new styles of those soon. Looks to me like she painted each set of the pulls. They look great and maybe we'll try and stock in these finishes!

dresser makeover

big dresser

And finally a nice matching dresser set using our D. Lawless cup pulls! Thanks again to Jessica at Flipping Unbelievable!

matching dressers

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