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Friday, October 20, 2017

Green with Decor: Liberty ModernMetals Collection

Sometimes a post is so good I have to use it to feature entire collections and spread it's good vibes as far as I can. This post from Green with Decor is one of those posts. Meg used the Liberty ModernMetals bar pull collection to affordably update a kitchen. Many times a full renovation is too much work, too much time, or just too expensive. Her kitchen update post has seven great ideas for doing so and one of them is replacing the hardware.

Meg used mostly the 128mm stainless steel pulls pictured below, but the full collection comes in lengths from 64mm all the way up to 288mm. That's 2" up to 12" for those that missed science class! LOL! You can see the full collection at the top of our stainless steel bar pulls page.

Here's a close up, then I'll share a couple more photos and you'll have to jump over to Meg's blog to see the rest as well as the other nice tips she shares.

stainless steel bar pull - liberty hardware

I love the stained cabinet and the earth tone tile back splash and floor. The kitchen has a nice warm and natural feel. The pulls match perfectly and add just a touch of contrast to the cabinet and drawers.

stainless steel bar pulls

And one more shot of the pulls from the front. These pulls are very robust in the center and even the long ones look great vertically when used for pantry pulls or appliance pulls.

stainless steel drawer pulls

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