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Monday, October 9, 2017

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!

Okay, I lied about the tigers right off, but I do have some nice projects using a wildlife type theme that I wanted to show off from our customers and blog partners.

First up from Distress Reliever: Upcycled Furniture we have a nice dresser makeover using some pewter "sleeping bear" knobs from Liberty Hardware. These knobs are awesome and perfect for rustic styles and themes.

pewter sleeping bear cabinet knobs

dresser makeover with pewter knobs

Next up we have a pair of projects from long time partners using our lion head ring pulls!  The buffet comes to us from Brepurposed and the second one is from Finding Silver Pennies. Both of these projects are from a bit ago, but hey, I'm trying to put together a blog post here!

buffet with lion head pulls

big blue chippy dresser

I could have sworn I had more pictures of our wildlife line, but most of them are pictures of floral knobs and pulls so I'll just save them for a future post. Here's to a great coming week!

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