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Monday, November 20, 2017

Friends Befores & Afters Part III

Good morning! This is part three of our series of before and after furniture projects from the D. Lawless Hardware Friends group. I've got five more people to feature with their work. First though I want to remind everyone that will will be closed Thursday - Sunday for the holiday. But, we will return CYBER MONDAY WITH FREE SHIPPING ON EVERY ORDER! Sorry, but I have to exclude the HI, AK, and Canadian customers unless I figure something out. That is just too big a money loser for us to ship that far.

Here's how that goes: "Free shipping for everyone!" Canadian customer "I'll take 20 of your bulkiest item and I live by the North Pole!"  Haha, sorry guys!

First up is a lovely project from Renee using our restoration hardware collection. Renee cheats and switches out the furniture. She expects me to believe this is the same dresser. I'll humor her! She runs the page The Painted Home.

dresser before

dresser after

Next up are a couple of nice projects from Melissa of Vintage Keiralie. Melissa used these bail pulls on both of these projects I believe. Or at least one anyways, I see so much hardware...Melissa is a recent acquaintance of mine and I couldn't be happier to be allowed to post some of her work!

vanity before

vanity after photo

Dresser before

black dresser after

And now introducing my number one contributor! Tommye run ReDesigned by Doherty and she REALLY redesigns stuff. Hard to believe she started with the same piece on some of these! The first project is the perfect example. I don't know how she thought to do this with an old (sewing?) table
 but it's so cool! When Tommye does a piece, it's not just painting it up, it's totally rethinking how the piece will be used and figuring out how to get the best out of it like the last one where she chopped it in half!

sewing table makeover

sewing table after

card catalog before

card catalog after

old desk before

desk turned into nightstands

Elizabeth Burns of Elizabeth Burns Designs has been a long time contributor to our website and I know for a fact that her beautiful photos have helped us sell a lot more of the pieces she uses. In particular these first brass drop pulls really got a boost from this gorgeous before and after!

Elizabeth Burns Design | Pink and Gold Dresser Before

Elizabeth Burns Design | Pink and Gold Dresser After


After w/ Country Store Collection Cup Pulls

And finally, Jessica from Parish Line Pieces turned this old junker into a work of art using some of our unfinished wood pulls. This project is gorgeous and reminds me that we really need to start carrying some more of the unfinished wood pulls so that people have more options to perfectly customize and get the pulls that look perfect with the piece. This is great detail with the pulls and I'm adding them to the product page soon. I also like how she ditched the old doors and left it open for storage. Thanks for that Jessica!

dresser before

dresser after

That's it for Part III, don't forget to look at the rest of the series and also join our mailing list below for deals and more great customer projects!

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Friends Befores & Afters Part II

Today I'm happy to present Part II of our series of D. Lawless Hardware Friends' projects! As I go I'll link all these posts together to form a nice series. So...don't forget to check out Part I if you haven't had a chance.

I'll jump right into this one and avoid all the puffery for once, lol!

First up new friend and business partner Allyson of Blooming Hydrangea Co.  From the looks of the first pic Allyson has been hunting through the thrift stores for potential beautiful pieces (don't we all?). It takes some imagination to do this type of stuff, but it looks like she's got it down! The hutch and wardrobe are stunning in the after photos!

thrift store hutch before

thrift store hutch after

wood stain armoire before

white paint armoire

Next up is Anne from Amini Design Ashburn with this beauty in blue featuring some of our appliques. I have had the photos of this project on our site for awhile now and it's pretty neat to see the before. Truly beautiful detail on this piece and nice imagination when adding the appliques to the drawers. Looks great!

china cabinet before and after

Courtney at Twig & Thyme Design was kind enough to make this little before/after inset photo, which I like because it focuses more on the finish! The finished piece is beautiful and she did a wonderful job using the paint job to bring out the wood detail. I've just recently met Courtney and become familiar with her business and I see many years of working together in the future! 

coffee table before and after

Renee is one of the furniture artists I've worked with for awhile. I THINK I met her through the now defunct Free Hardware Friday promotions. So at least something good came from those! I'd like to do some more of them, but the group is getting me so many good pictures it has lost it's luster to me. Why do FHF when I get photos like these from Renee anyways!? Renee runs the lovely page The Painted Home.

dresser before

dresser after

desk before

desk after

And anchoring the post with two more beauties is Melissa of Vintage Keiralei in Texas. Both of these pieces are filled with crooks and recesses and look like they were quite a bit of work. The final results of both are wonderful and both feature some D. Lawless Hardware!! I believe she said the first project she posted was for her father and he HAD to love it! What an amazing gift!

desk before photo

Desk after

vainty before

vanity after

That's all til part three this weekend or early next week. I've still got more before and afters flooding in. Be sure and join the mailing list to see more and get some deals! It goes out in an hour!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Friends Befores & Afters

I don't always get the before pictures from people, but recently I got a couple which spurred me to ask the group for some before and afters and now this is going to be a five+ part series apparently!  It's really fun to see people turn so many pieces of essentially junk to beautiful pieces for the home. It's a true talent to have the vision to look at junk and imagine what it could be with work.

So, I have added work to the series in pretty much the order in came in. Except a few people that submitted multiple projects got shuffled around.

First up is my new acquaintance and friend Re-Luv'd Furniture submitted these before and afters of a dresser she recently finished using D. Lawless Hardware and General Finishes Paint. Looks great and she chose the perfect hardware!

before and after dresser makeover

after shot of made over dresser

Sue at The Browsing Butterfly was actually the second before and after I got in a row which is what spurred me to ask for more. She did a wonderful job on a dresser I'm sure many people would have tossed. I really love the way the venetian bronze hardware matches the top stain and mustard yellow paint job. Awesome result!

ugly dresser before

beautiful dresser after

When Colleen from Painted Gem Creations sent in these befores I couldn't for the life of me think of what project she had posted that even resembled the bones of this piece. It's in such bad shape I couldn't believe it was the beauty in white below using some of our drop pulls!

before - damaged top

before - ruined paint job

After makeover - beautiful in white

Business partner Amanda at Pendulum Designs & Restorations sent in a nice before and after of a wood stained wash stand. This post is also the perfect example of a before and after of staging and photography. Everything looks great on top of the makeover too!

wash stand before

wash stand after

I get a ton of work and photos from Lee Ann at Creative Moments so I'm using her as the anchor for this post. She is quite the productive person and always has something in the works it appears. She not only has her Facebook page but also a blog, Creative Moments, she keeps running because she is a glutton for punishment!! Keep scrolling 'cause I saved the best for last!!

big dresser before

big dresser after

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Fantastic Friend Furniture Flips!!

I couldn't think of another F that made any sense...well I could...but it wasn't appropriate for a business blog...:)

My peeps in the friends group have done it again! I can see their positive effects on our business day after day as the orders from recommendations roll in almost as quickly as the project photos I'm getting. So big thanks to everyone for all the support!

Today I'v got five posts to share and four of them are from people I've never had the pleasure of working with before! My day to day job is quite monotonous and this stuff really makes my job fun so I hope the blog is fun for the readers too.

First up! Courtney at Twig & Thyme Design used some nice oil rubbed bronze cup pulls from Liberty Hardware (of which we are a Master Distrubutor) on a pair nicely painted tables. I just posted the little guy, but you can see the bigger coffee table and the two of them paired together by clicking through to her page!

painted end table - twig & thyme design

Next up is Amanda at Pendulum Designs & Restorations.  Amanda was one of our first partners to carry D. Lawless Hardware in her shop and we are greatly appreciative! This piece here uses a few of our hinges which aren't visible, but the entire piece is gorgeous so I had to share!

big dresser and vanity

I had the pleasure of chatting with Sue from The Browsing Butterfly for a bit the other day after she posted a picture of the venetian bronze bail pulls she used on this dresser to the group. I had to see the full project and convince her to let me share the photos! Mission accomplished! I am very convincing, hahahaha!  Really nice distressing job and th pulls match the stained wood top nicely in my opinion. Thanks Sue!

mustard yellow dresser makeover

Another nice new acquaintance of mine courtesy of the group is Denise at Designs by Dee. Denise posted this amazing piece where the detail and the hardware are in PERFECT HARMONY! Only the cup pulls are from us and she modified ALL of the hardware to get the perfect copper tone to match her drawer and door detail. Big thanks Denise!

matching antique copper hardware

As always I end on a high note! Erin at E Jay Vintage Modern posted up this gorgeous vanity with our restoration hardware! One of my personal favorites looks is brass hardware with blue paint so I'll definitely be adding this to our Instagram feed! #brassandblue

blue vanity with brass hardware

Please check out and support all these independent furniture flippers and artists!! And join our mailing list to see more work from our customer and get some sweet deals too!

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