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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Friends Befores & Afters

I don't always get the before pictures from people, but recently I got a couple which spurred me to ask the group for some before and afters and now this is going to be a five+ part series apparently!  It's really fun to see people turn so many pieces of essentially junk to beautiful pieces for the home. It's a true talent to have the vision to look at junk and imagine what it could be with work.

So, I have added work to the series in pretty much the order in came in. Except a few people that submitted multiple projects got shuffled around.

First up is my new acquaintance and friend Re-Luv'd Furniture submitted these before and afters of a dresser she recently finished using D. Lawless Hardware and General Finishes Paint. Looks great and she chose the perfect hardware!

before and after dresser makeover

after shot of made over dresser

Sue at The Browsing Butterfly was actually the second before and after I got in a row which is what spurred me to ask for more. She did a wonderful job on a dresser I'm sure many people would have tossed. I really love the way the venetian bronze hardware matches the top stain and mustard yellow paint job. Awesome result!

ugly dresser before

beautiful dresser after

When Colleen from Painted Gem Creations sent in these befores I couldn't for the life of me think of what project she had posted that even resembled the bones of this piece. It's in such bad shape I couldn't believe it was the beauty in white below using some of our drop pulls!

before - damaged top

before - ruined paint job

After makeover - beautiful in white

Business partner Amanda at Pendulum Designs & Restorations sent in a nice before and after of a wood stained wash stand. This post is also the perfect example of a before and after of staging and photography. Everything looks great on top of the makeover too!

wash stand before

wash stand after

I get a ton of work and photos from Lee Ann at Creative Moments so I'm using her as the anchor for this post. She is quite the productive person and always has something in the works it appears. She not only has her Facebook page but also a blog, Creative Moments, she keeps running because she is a glutton for punishment!! Keep scrolling 'cause I saved the best for last!!

big dresser before

big dresser after

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ReneeSS said...

Wow! These are amazing pieces from very talented people!

todd wright said...

Geez, that wash stand from Pendulum Designs was WAY nicer painted. WAY.

I do lots of antiquing living here in NH, and I would've sacrificed a minor limb for that gorgeous painted piece.

I always tell beginners, never remove that old finish without getting an appraisal from a knowledgeable professional. I have seen 90% of the value removed from pieces when the owner decided to 'restore' them.

Oh well. I get more than my share of stuff. I always have my eyes open for new pieces. Or is that old pieces? I don't know any longer.

Much as Renee stated, some nice stuff there.