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Friday, November 10, 2017

New Group Member Posts & Pages

We have had a huge influx of people to the D. Lawless Hardware Friends group on Facebook all coming in from the Styling & Staging group!  I am very excited about the level of participation and enthusiasm the new members brought and today I'm sharing the work many of them have posted so far!

Every day I get more photos I can't believe how lucky I am to work with such great businesses and talented hobbyists! This list is in NO ORDER, all the projects are beautiful and each page needs to be checked out and like so you see their future work!

First up is this beautiful bright piece from Cottage Creations by Colleen!! Colleen used some of our brass restoration hardware to top off a gorgeous paint job. I'd never seen Colleen's page until she joined the group, but it's filled with great work just like that and we are lucky to have her around!

Green Washstand with brass hardware

Our next enthusiastic new member sent in several photos and I am crossing my fingers that I get to fill up our website with more of her work in the future. Jane at Vintage Transformation Studio has used our new baroque style hardware as well as our glass knobs and we thank her for her business as well!

desk with cup pulls

clear glass knob

Not actually a new member, but one of our first members, Lee Ann from Creative Moments joined in and added a link over to this beautiful desk she finished using some of our cup pulls! Great staging as well!

desk makeover with cup pulls

Next up is Rebecca of Rejoice Recharmed Designs sent in some nice shots of how she was using some of our acrylic knobs.  I chose this photo because it shows off the extra time Rebecca takes to add detail to her pieces!

table with detailed paint job

I don't like to string these out too long so that everyone gets a nice bit of real estate for their work, so I'll end on this great piece by Robin using our solid wood little casters and glass knobs too I think. Robin does work like this and DOESN'T HAVE A PAGE! WHAT!?!?! Get a page Robin!!

That's all today and please join our mailing below. I put more customer projects in there as well as running weekly promotions. Later!

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