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Friday, November 3, 2017

November Kick Off - Dresser & Desk Makeovers

Good morning! I have another set of great customers projects today! With our D. Lawless Hardware Friends group I am really getting a nice steady flow and I appreciate everyone that participates. I'll jump right in as I assume no one cares for my rambling, but they do like seeing the photos...

First up is this hall dresser or table with matching hinges, pulls, and latches! Sharon at The Shabby Cottage Antiques did a great job with the paint job and the detailed door fronts! Perhaps the most impressive is her ability to match hardware across three types! A rare talent! Be sure and check out her page for more great work.

Next up is the most product person in the furniture makeover business...Tommye Doherty of ReDesign by Doherty! I have deemed her "Piece a Day Doherty"! Tommye basically cleans, sands, preps, and paints an entire piece of furniture every day. LOL! Not really, but it seriously is amazing her productivity level. Here she used a stately looking bin pull to be the sturdy handles on this classical looking work desk.

Image may contain: indoor

Next up, another great contributor to our site and very productive in her own right...Heike from Serendipity Designs! Heike used our single lonely style of French hardware and painted them to get the perfect look. Soon I'll do a post of people modifying their hardware, it's a great way to get the perfect look when the style doesn't come in the finish you like.

I got started on the product photo project by working with a lot of bloggers and I'm very happy to add a new one to the list...The Boondocks Blog Mary who blogs out of Greece! We are going international!!!  Mary did a nice how-to on making your own hook rack using some scroll double prong hooks and the results are fabulous!

A little closer to us on the map is Boxwood & Brass. Only a few hours from us out of Missouri, Boxwood & Brass is one of our best customers and they do gorgeous work on furniture AND with photography! This shot of our our new Schrollwork Cup Pulls is better than any of the photos we have on the product page and they aren't even selling hardware! Hopefully they don't get in the business or we're in trouble...

I always hate putting someone last as it in no way reflects my opinion of their work! So I always put a beautiful piece last so that it's obvious they weren't just shoved off til the end...

This gorgeous wood stained cabinet with oil rubbed bronze cup pulls comes from a business I've had the pleasure of working with several times in Blah 2 Ahh. Perfect hardware match and the oil rubbed bronze goes great with the wood finish.

More next week! I'm rolling in product photos!

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