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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Peoria Small Business I Shop At #1 - Pottstown Meat & Deli

I am starting a new series today that I hope will be a long one. Over the years I keep pressuring myself more and more to shop at small businesses instead of big box stores. I know that if I expect people to shop with me then I need to be reciprocating. I know it's hard and I don't blame anyone for getting the best price wherever they can get it, but as I shop at more and more small businesses I have begun to realize that THEY HAVE THE BEST PRICE. Or at least, once you factor in service and quality they are very competitive.

So without further ado, the small business I frequent the most, Pottstown Meat & Deli. They have a great small business feel. They are very friendly and the meat is always fresh!

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Their Facebook page is has all of their information and they have quite a nice following for a deli! You can see why with the photos I grabbed from their page. My favorite thing is that they carry grass fed beef and bison from local farmers in the central, IL area.

From their about page:

"For 4 generations and over 100 years, the Barth family has had the great opportunity to provide the Peoria area with the finest pork and choice beef available. Customer satisfaction has always been our number one goal. Years of experience along with customer feedback has allowed us to deeply understand our customers’ needs. In 1995, Pottstown Grocery, Meat and Deli put in our first smokehouse, providing our customers with some of the finest smoked hams, sausages, bacon, etc. that many of our customers had not experienced in years."



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And now for the gross part! HHAHAHAAHA! I have these photos because I send them to my mom to gross her out. I buy pig tails, chicken feet, and pigs feet to cook up as healthy treats for the dogs! YUMMY! The last picture is Patxi digging into a delicious pig foot!

pig's tails

chicken feet

So I know we have a few customers in this area. If you are reading this check out Pottstown Meat & Deli! And join our mailing list to support our small business!

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