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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Popular Product Feature: ORB Baroque Style Cup Pull

We just introduced this line of oil rubbed bronze baroque hardware a few months back and have already sold out of one of the knobs! The products are so popular because of the their style and price. Over the last couple months I've had the pleasure of receiving a lot of photos of this cup pull from happy customers, so I thought I'd show it off in an article!

Several of the projects use the matching knobs as well!

Jane at Vintage Transformation Studio us them on a cute little desk and I love the outside staging area. Beautiful photos!

baroque cup pull

desk with cup pulls

Boxwood & Brass has contributed a lot of photos over the past year and we are very appreciative of their work and their willingness to partner with us. I really love the contrast between the cup pulls and top and the bright white on this dresser. great staging again!

white dresser makeover

baraoque cup pulls up close

Re-luv'd Furniture out of Oregon sent us this cute little secretary and I love the photo because I don't think I'd have ever though these cup pulls would go with a blue piece but the dark navy blue and the dark oil rubbed bronze really look nice together!

blue secretary makeover

I believe Melissa at Vintage Keiralie did this desk makeover as a present for her father she said when posting to the group. I bet he was ecstatic! A true beauty and I can see myself penning a letter on this beauty! Haha, does anyone write letters anymore?

writing desk makeover

baroque cup pulls

Lori at Butterfly Furniture sent in this lovely lingerie dresser with a pull on each drawer. I think the paint job goes great with the bronze cup pulls. Like a deep sea blue with a touch of bronze or black in the paint job? I can't tell, but it looks wonderful!

lingerie dresser makeover

oil rubbed bronze cup pull

Kim at Furniture Rescue sent in this cool whiskey themed dresser. I've been known to enjoy a whiskey or too and probably enjoyed a few too many last time I went out, haha! Really cool and the dark cup pulls go well with the dark (stained I'm guessing?) wood.

whiskey dreseer

And finally a beautiful piece from a new member of the DLH Friends group Lee Ann at Simply Divine! Great Christmas staging and the I think the oil rubbed bronze pulls go perfectly with the paint job!! It's almost like there is a bit of bronze in the paint shading! Maybe there you can tell I'm no painting expert, lol, I stick to hardware.

desk makeover with cup pulls

simply divine cup pull

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