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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

D. Lawless Friends & Partners: Blue Moon Edition!

This morning as I write the blue moon is in the sky but it's just on the horizon and I'll have to wait til tonight to see the full thing. Hopefully the clouds are gone! I love astrologically theming my posts. Not enough people look up in the sky. Everyone looks down and at screens and forgets the wonders above.

Today I have a lot of projects so nice you could say they don't come around more than once in a blue moon! But lucky for me I get them weekly! :)

I'll start off today with Allison from Allee Cat Designs with this nice little dresser that features a couple of our appliques for some added detail. I think it's the perfect touch. They really add to the piece and go great with the wide drawers!

dresser with appliques

added appliques

Next is Stacey from Renewed Spirit Home. I've had the pleasure of featuring a lot of Stacey's work in the past and this piece is another beauty! Stacey used the D. Lawless Depression Glass Collection in milk white and added them to this big red dresser. Very nice and a great touch matching the knob and pull ferrules to the brass hinges!

red dresser makeover

white milk glass knobs

And now a beautiful project from first time contributor Maria! Maria runs the business and page Chalk Paint Charm and used our baroque style cup pulls on this distressed dresser and the result is fantastic!! So happy to have Maria in the group!

dresser with cup pulls

And now another long time contributor to the group and the website! Heike from Serendipity Designs has sent in many gorgeous projects in the past and this one is no different. Perfect hardware choice going with the ring pulls and the matching chair is the icing on the cake!

pink dresser

ring pulls

And last but not least, Jen of Wildflower Restorations took advantage of a free hardware offering a few weeks back and sent in this cute dresser featuring sage ceramic knobs. The knobs go perfectly with the print! And the owl on top is a nice staging touch! Thank you Jen!

sage ceramic knobs

pink and green little dresser

That's all for today! There is still time to see the big blue moon and if you are in the right place there is a full lunar eclipse tonight. Thank to the contributors and to the readers!

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Monday, January 29, 2018

D. Lawless Hardware Partner Projects: Custom Paint Job Edition

January is almost already over! Time flies and the group keeps coming through with more beautiful work every week. Today I'm proud to show off five members who each submitted a recent completed project featuring our hardware. Top quality work and photography all around!

I'll start with Jessica from Flipping Unbelievable! This dresser is absolutely stunning and the staging is top notch as well! Jessica used one of our few pieces of French provincial style hardware and the result is fantastic. We are in the process of bringing in several other styles of French provincial as we really only have this pull and one other that qualify and we get asked all the time. Looking at this dresser it's obvious we need more!

french provincial dresser makeover

Next up, first time contributor Beba of Bohemian Reverie! This piece is one of a kind, I love how bright it is and it takes some real vision to go out on a limb with the colors like this. Top quality and our baroque verdigris cup pulls are the perfect fit!

colorful dresser makeover

Kimberly from Red Tulip Designs came to me needing something with a backplate for this beautiful big china cabinet and I was not hopeful that my suggested backplates would work, it turned out wonderfully! The knob and big backplates turned out to actually go perfectly with the big tall doors and helps give this piece a classic look. Very nice!

backplate close up

huge white cabinet makeover

For the last two projects we have a couple of members who took advantage of the free hardware section at the top!

Denise of Designs by Dee needed some antique copper knobs and pulls so we worked out a deal where she bought the cup pulls and I covered the knobs and the shipping. Worked out great for both of us (especially me!) as you can see! The distressed paint and copper hardware go great together...

antique copper cup pulls

matching antique copper hardware

And our second participant, Tabitha at True Impressions Furniture, snatched up these beauties from the free section as well! I really think the antique copper is a great match for the navy blue and they are the perfect touch to the nautical themed dresser. Very classy looking!

antique copper knobs

nautical themed dresser

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Partner's & Friends' Projects: Orion's Belt Edition

Good morning! I was up early and the stars were still out with Orion's Belt above and I was reminded of a recent one of a kind contribution to the friends' group. So I thought I'd start off with it and then go into our other contributions...

I am a big star gazer and I love learning about constellations and the procession of the planets and stars and all that. So I was thrilled when Matthew from Combat Veterans Restoration and Rehab posted up this Orion's Belt themed dresser using some Liberty glass and pewter knobs for the main portion of the constellation and our little mounting ferrules for the rest. Beautiful!

Orion's Belt Dresser Makeover

Combat Veterans Restoration and Rehab

Next up, CeCe Caldwell, who of course has an amazing paint line, sent in this dresser makeover with matching hardware and of course a sweet paint job!! It's great to team up with another up and coming small business of course!

cece caldwell dresser makeover

matching hardware dresser makeover

And now we have Janet from Furniture Overload who sent in these couple of shots just this morning! It's gonna be a good day when pictures show up out of nowhere! She used our depression glass collection on this lovely desk makeover. The black glass knobs are the perfect touch!

I've been meaning to share this wonderful dresser from Sarah at Redeemed Decor for awhile but it keeps sliding down my list somehow. But here it is! A beautiful paint job and all the hardware from the escutcheons to the pulls are from D. Lawless! :)

dresser makeover

furniture restoration

And last but not least is a project from one of our newest group members. Roberta runs Eastern Shore Chic and I'm ecstatic to have her in the group. We keep reeling in the talent! This gorgeous little makeover has a faded paint job inspired by the sunrise! It also features our baroque style hardware that keeps picking up more and more steam!

sunrise furniture makeover

Eastern Shore Chic makeover

That's all til next time and don't forget to join our mailing list to see more partner and customer projects as well some great deals on knobs. Right now I've got a selection of knobs going out at 50% off each week!

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Friends of D. Lawless Projects: Strong Coffee Edition

I had a late night last night and I'm revved up on strong coffee to pound at this post! Haha, but if the coffee doesn't help then all these wonderful projects from the D. Lawless Hardware Friends Group will surely energize me! The group has been wonderful and I'm driven to work harder and reach higher every day when I see the hard work and enthusiasm of all our friends and business partners out there. So here we go!

First up is this super cool dresser makeover from Leigh Anne at Hue & Moxie featuring some ceramic white and orange knobs that I gave away a few weeks back looking for photos. And boy did I get photos! This project is perfect for showing off the knobs and will really help our customer imagine what they can do with this admittedly odd knob!

dresser makeover with orange knobs

orange dresser knob

I've posted pieces from Donna at ReFab-ulous Furniture before and I'm proud to present this little lingerie dresser (maybe?) that she used our depression glass knobs on! No matter what you call it, it's cute for sure! This pic definitely helps upgrade our product page!

little lingerie dresser

Another joy of the group is getting the people that I've worked with for a long time in there as I get to see more of their work than just a piece here or there when we are specifically working together. Marlena at Emme by Design is one such person and you can see very easily by these pictures why I love having her work on our site! I'm a big fan of having contrast between the furniture and the hardware and this refinished desk is a great example! Here are the cup pulls...

desk makeover with cup pulls

antique pewter cup pulls

Next up is a first time contributor (fingers crossed for more!) in Celia from Handpainted Rooms! Celia used some of our cut glass knobs on an absolutely stunning vanity she did for a client as well as using some of our appliques on another project! Excited to have her in the group!

vanity with glass knobs

piano makeover with appliques

And back to me being a broken record...LAST BUT NOT LEAST is this lovely dresser from Joy at Joy Treasures! Joy used some of our new collection of matching cup pulls and knobs and will be the first to help me show off the rose patterned ones on the website! Perfect match of the wood and cup pulls and I couldn't be happier that she's letting me use the photos!

dresser with baroque cup pulls

baroque cup pulls

That's all until I get five more to share, which at the pace the group has been going will only be a couple of days! What a lucky guy I am!  If you'd like to see more work and get great weekly deals, please join the mailing list below. Until next time!

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

D. Lawless Friends Projects: Painted Pretties Edition!

The freeze appears over and the days are getting longer and I'm feeling good! Today I have five more things to feel good about from our customers and group members. Today's post features five painted furniture projects from five talented people and I'll just jump right into them!

To kick of the post I have this lovely blue hutch from Autumn at Maxwell Refinishing using oil rubbed bronze matching knobs and cup pulls.  Great staging a perfect hardware match! Working out of Nolanville they do amazing work and are available for commissioning your next project!

painted blue hutch

This closeup shows off the cup pull and also the wonderful distressed paint job!

oil rubbed bronze cup pulls

Next up is a  nice dresser makeover from Allison at Allee Cat Designs who added some of our depression glass pulls to top off what is a beautiful white paint job. I also love the stained wood top, really looks great!

white painted dresser

Great contrast between the top and the white painted dresser!

white painted and wood stained dressser

It's always exciting to see so many people use our depression glass collection and I'm happy that Merry from The Painted Gecko sent in a project using our pink glass depression knobs and also a second one using some oil rubbed bronze handles. This vanity looks lovely and from the image in their mirror the whole bedroom looks like its beautiful too!

painted vanity with pink knobs

painted little accent table

Belinda, of Flippin Furniture Design, who lives just across the river from me here sent in this lovely three piece set topped off with some Amerock Hardware of which we always have good prices on as every piece we get of it comes from closeouts. :)

No automatic alt text available.

Kim from Sparrow Furniture Restoration & Art used an entire set of our restoration hardware on this blue painted secretary. I'll be adding some of these shots to our Instagram feed soon as I have a little series I've done in the past with #brassandblue as it is one of my all time favorite looks and I think it's really catching on, especially since brass has been trending up again after decades of being "out of style."

blue painted secretary desk

painted blue secretary desk

And I'll end on one that's not painted but that I really wanted to include from Amy at Overalls, Overhauls, Inc. using four of our antique brass ball casters. I really love this project. Adding casters to is a great way to update and upgrade a lot of pieces but many people don't think to do so or think it's too complicated. It's not as hard as people imagine and look at the wonderful results!

Thank you to all our contributors!!! Please join our mailing list for great deals and more beautiful work like this!

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Peoria Small Business I Shop at #2 - Peoria Camera Shop

Some people may call me a cynic but I often maintain that the only real power anyone has to change the world is how they spend their money. If we want more small businesses, if we want more service, if we want products and gifts that aren't mass produced on an unimaginable scale...then we must put our money into the small businesses that actually provide them. This obviously benefits me, but I have pledged to go out of my way to lead the way in the coming year.

So, continuing the series I plan to do from here on out I present Peoria Camera Shop. I had to wait until after Christmas to post this one because my wife and I got our parents some gorgeous canvas prints of our our families from our wedding this past June. Both our parents LOVED them and we also got one of the wedding party to hang in our home.

These prints are very high quality. I received help setting them up when I brought in a USB filled with our wedding photos. They showed me a preview of how it would look, made suggestions on how to make the photo fit better on the canvas, and I was done in under 15 minutes! Here's the print of our wedding party, I forgot to get pics of the family shots...grrrrrr.

The wedding party. My house is very dim inside so I did the best I could with my phone camera. It's VERY nice and has more brightness than I could get to come out.
The wonderful experience I got at Peoria Camera Shop is exact experience I find I get all over when I shop small business. The people CARE THAT I'M THERE! WOW, that's radical I know! I linked their website above, but they also have a nice Facebook Page showing off a lot of their nice work as well as a whole lots of nice reviews from other happy customers.

Here's a few examples of their products and shop and I'll leave it to you to click over next time you need some quality prints!

Prints and enlargements.

Creatives gifts like calendars and flip books!

No automatic alt text available.
Classes to learn how to use your camera and other programs to get the best results from your photos.
They also sell a wide variety of cameras and photo accessories. I might be in the market for one of their small pop up photo booths soon as I have trouble getting good photos since I work in Peoria and not in Olney where we have the full photo studio set up.

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