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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

D. Lawless Friends & Partners: Blue Moon Edition!

This morning as I write the blue moon is in the sky but it's just on the horizon and I'll have to wait til tonight to see the full thing. Hopefully the clouds are gone! I love astrologically theming my posts. Not enough people look up in the sky. Everyone looks down and at screens and forgets the wonders above.

Today I have a lot of projects so nice you could say they don't come around more than once in a blue moon! But lucky for me I get them weekly! :)

I'll start off today with Allison from Allee Cat Designs with this nice little dresser that features a couple of our appliques for some added detail. I think it's the perfect touch. They really add to the piece and go great with the wide drawers!

dresser with appliques

added appliques

Next is Stacey from Renewed Spirit Home. I've had the pleasure of featuring a lot of Stacey's work in the past and this piece is another beauty! Stacey used the D. Lawless Depression Glass Collection in milk white and added them to this big red dresser. Very nice and a great touch matching the knob and pull ferrules to the brass hinges!

red dresser makeover

white milk glass knobs

And now a beautiful project from first time contributor Maria! Maria runs the business and page Chalk Paint Charm and used our baroque style cup pulls on this distressed dresser and the result is fantastic!! So happy to have Maria in the group!

dresser with cup pulls

And now another long time contributor to the group and the website! Heike from Serendipity Designs has sent in many gorgeous projects in the past and this one is no different. Perfect hardware choice going with the ring pulls and the matching chair is the icing on the cake!

pink dresser

ring pulls

And last but not least, Jen of Wildflower Restorations took advantage of a free hardware offering a few weeks back and sent in this cute dresser featuring sage ceramic knobs. The knobs go perfectly with the print! And the owl on top is a nice staging touch! Thank you Jen!

sage ceramic knobs

pink and green little dresser

That's all for today! There is still time to see the big blue moon and if you are in the right place there is a full lunar eclipse tonight. Thank to the contributors and to the readers!

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