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Friday, January 12, 2018

Friends of D. Lawless Projects: Strong Coffee Edition

I had a late night last night and I'm revved up on strong coffee to pound at this post! Haha, but if the coffee doesn't help then all these wonderful projects from the D. Lawless Hardware Friends Group will surely energize me! The group has been wonderful and I'm driven to work harder and reach higher every day when I see the hard work and enthusiasm of all our friends and business partners out there. So here we go!

First up is this super cool dresser makeover from Leigh Anne at Hue & Moxie featuring some ceramic white and orange knobs that I gave away a few weeks back looking for photos. And boy did I get photos! This project is perfect for showing off the knobs and will really help our customer imagine what they can do with this admittedly odd knob!

dresser makeover with orange knobs

orange dresser knob

I've posted pieces from Donna at ReFab-ulous Furniture before and I'm proud to present this little lingerie dresser (maybe?) that she used our depression glass knobs on! No matter what you call it, it's cute for sure! This pic definitely helps upgrade our product page!

little lingerie dresser

Another joy of the group is getting the people that I've worked with for a long time in there as I get to see more of their work than just a piece here or there when we are specifically working together. Marlena at Emme by Design is one such person and you can see very easily by these pictures why I love having her work on our site! I'm a big fan of having contrast between the furniture and the hardware and this refinished desk is a great example! Here are the cup pulls...

desk makeover with cup pulls

antique pewter cup pulls

Next up is a first time contributor (fingers crossed for more!) in Celia from Handpainted Rooms! Celia used some of our cut glass knobs on an absolutely stunning vanity she did for a client as well as using some of our appliques on another project! Excited to have her in the group!

vanity with glass knobs

piano makeover with appliques

And back to me being a broken record...LAST BUT NOT LEAST is this lovely dresser from Joy at Joy Treasures! Joy used some of our new collection of matching cup pulls and knobs and will be the first to help me show off the rose patterned ones on the website! Perfect match of the wood and cup pulls and I couldn't be happier that she's letting me use the photos!

dresser with baroque cup pulls

baroque cup pulls

That's all until I get five more to share, which at the pace the group has been going will only be a couple of days! What a lucky guy I am!  If you'd like to see more work and get great weekly deals, please join the mailing list below. Until next time!

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ReneeSS said... usually....all gorgeous pieces! LOVE the rose colored pulls!!

ReneeSS said... so excited over all the pretty pieces.....meant to say rose patterned pulls.....