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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Partner's & Friends' Projects: Orion's Belt Edition

Good morning! I was up early and the stars were still out with Orion's Belt above and I was reminded of a recent one of a kind contribution to the friends' group. So I thought I'd start off with it and then go into our other contributions...

I am a big star gazer and I love learning about constellations and the procession of the planets and stars and all that. So I was thrilled when Matthew from Combat Veterans Restoration and Rehab posted up this Orion's Belt themed dresser using some Liberty glass and pewter knobs for the main portion of the constellation and our little mounting ferrules for the rest. Beautiful!

Orion's Belt Dresser Makeover

Combat Veterans Restoration and Rehab

Next up, CeCe Caldwell, who of course has an amazing paint line, sent in this dresser makeover with matching hardware and of course a sweet paint job!! It's great to team up with another up and coming small business of course!

cece caldwell dresser makeover

matching hardware dresser makeover

And now we have Janet from Furniture Overload who sent in these couple of shots just this morning! It's gonna be a good day when pictures show up out of nowhere! She used our depression glass collection on this lovely desk makeover. The black glass knobs are the perfect touch!

I've been meaning to share this wonderful dresser from Sarah at Redeemed Decor for awhile but it keeps sliding down my list somehow. But here it is! A beautiful paint job and all the hardware from the escutcheons to the pulls are from D. Lawless! :)

dresser makeover

furniture restoration

And last but not least is a project from one of our newest group members. Roberta runs Eastern Shore Chic and I'm ecstatic to have her in the group. We keep reeling in the talent! This gorgeous little makeover has a faded paint job inspired by the sunrise! It also features our baroque style hardware that keeps picking up more and more steam!

sunrise furniture makeover

Eastern Shore Chic makeover

That's all til next time and don't forget to join our mailing list to see more partner and customer projects as well some great deals on knobs. Right now I've got a selection of knobs going out at 50% off each week!

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