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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Peoria Small Business I Shop at #2 - Peoria Camera Shop

Some people may call me a cynic but I often maintain that the only real power anyone has to change the world is how they spend their money. If we want more small businesses, if we want more service, if we want products and gifts that aren't mass produced on an unimaginable scale...then we must put our money into the small businesses that actually provide them. This obviously benefits me, but I have pledged to go out of my way to lead the way in the coming year.

So, continuing the series I plan to do from here on out I present Peoria Camera Shop. I had to wait until after Christmas to post this one because my wife and I got our parents some gorgeous canvas prints of our our families from our wedding this past June. Both our parents LOVED them and we also got one of the wedding party to hang in our home.

These prints are very high quality. I received help setting them up when I brought in a USB filled with our wedding photos. They showed me a preview of how it would look, made suggestions on how to make the photo fit better on the canvas, and I was done in under 15 minutes! Here's the print of our wedding party, I forgot to get pics of the family shots...grrrrrr.

The wedding party. My house is very dim inside so I did the best I could with my phone camera. It's VERY nice and has more brightness than I could get to come out.
The wonderful experience I got at Peoria Camera Shop is exact experience I find I get all over when I shop small business. The people CARE THAT I'M THERE! WOW, that's radical I know! I linked their website above, but they also have a nice Facebook Page showing off a lot of their nice work as well as a whole lots of nice reviews from other happy customers.

Here's a few examples of their products and shop and I'll leave it to you to click over next time you need some quality prints!

Prints and enlargements.

Creatives gifts like calendars and flip books!

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Classes to learn how to use your camera and other programs to get the best results from your photos.
They also sell a wide variety of cameras and photo accessories. I might be in the market for one of their small pop up photo booths soon as I have trouble getting good photos since I work in Peoria and not in Olney where we have the full photo studio set up.

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