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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

D. Lawless Friends Projects: Baby Boy Edition

Good morning everyone! I'm still on "paternity leave" but I have to keep caught up and I got lucky and have a little sleeper on my hands! Little Aiden is interested in three things, eating, sleeping, and...I'll let you guess the third! :) Since he was born it's been crazy with family and friends and such and I'm just now getting settled back in. So some of these projects got turned in awhile ago. Sorry for the delay!

I'll jump right in...first up a very generous member of our group, Jaime at Serendipity Chic Furniture, sent in four projects using D. Lawless Hardware. Each piece looks wonderful! She's clearly a great talent and I am fortunate to have her as a member. Jaime used hardware from all over our store including my favorite new product line, our baroque cup pulls.

End table makeover

end table with bail pulls

end tables with ceramic knobs

end table with baroque hardware

Peggy at Sweet Serendipity is one of my top contributors. I've been working with her for years and have a number of her pieces on the website. I owe her a great deal because great photos really help sell the hardware and I know these will really help move these leaf and fruit pulls from Amerock which we have a ton of. I love how all the detail on the vanity matches the hardware!

green vanity makeover

leaf vanity makeover

Kathie at Jubilee Vintique made my day by posting this beauty last week! The pulls on the bottom came from us and she found some lovely drop pulls to match them elsewhere. I ain't jelly! I want people to get the exact look and style they want and this is a perfect hardware match in my opinion. This piece was available for sale when she first posted it. I'd not be surprised if it's gone by now!

white and wood stained dresser

jubilee vintique dresser makeover

One of my favorite things about our community is all the custom work and unique stuff our business partners and customers show me all the time. Of course you can buy a little boring and ugly serving tray anywhere, but WHY?!?! For a little work, or with a little searching around, you can get something truly unique made by yourself or purchased from a small business. Kelly at 2nd Chance Restoration sent in this great serving tray that looks beautiful and I guarantee is much higher quality than anything you can go buy off the shelf.

custom serving tray

handles on custom serving tray

Lindsay at The Charming Home sent in these nice matching pieces using some of the hardware from the free selection at the to of the group page! This program is working extremely well for me. As far as I'm concerned I always get back more than I give and this is no exception! Thanks Lindsay, looks great!

matching nightstand and dresser

free knobs from D. Lawless Hardware

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Monday, February 12, 2018

DLH Friends Projects: D-Day Edition

No! Not that "D!" I mean Delivery Day! We are under a week for the due date of my first child and I'm churning out this blog post now because it might be my last for a little bit. I love doing them, but something tells me I'll have to spend my work time very wisely in the next few months.

So I'll jump right in with a beauty from Matthew at Combat Veterans Restoration & Rehab! I just met Matthew a couple weeks ago and I've already got several pieces of his work featured on our website and social media. Please check out his page as he has a great mission and don't forget that D. Lawless has an active and retired military discount of 10%.

military hardware discount

The very popular cup pulls he used can be found here!


This clean and bright looking dresser makeover includes our milk white glass knobs and comes to us from Jazzy Sellers!  Looks great and the knobs are nice match with the paint! They have a nice store in Springfield, Massachusetts and also sell on Etsy.

Out of Saint Louis, Missouri we have a nice shot of our french drapery style pulls from The Blue Jar! The flowery drawers look wonderful and go perfectly with the pulls. Lots more beautiful work on her page!

These two beauties come from Twig & Thyme Design in Sterling, Virginia.  Courtney is a real talent and has some of the best photography and staging in the game! It's and honor to feature her work and she generously sent me photos of this knob and backplate out of the blue!

I've had the pleasure of using projects from Roberta of Eastern Shore Chic several times in the short time since I met her and first had the pleasure of seeing her work. She does same really fabulous restorations and must be working dawn til dusk to have so many projects finishing up so close together!

In usual Derrick Lawless style I  have provided hardware for pictures and have gotten back far more than I gave. I'm good at this! :) Sheila at Hidden Treasures Refinishing ordered cup pulls and I sent her the two bottom knobs for free.Then she sent me these pictures! That's not a fair trade though, I'm going to have to provide all of the hardware next time!

That's all til next week! Join the mailing list for more beauties!

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