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Monday, October 28, 2019

D. Lawless Historical Tidbit

Before D. Lawless Hardware, Dave Lawless tried many things in his life. He was an English major but that didn't pan out to much. After college he did a lot of things from sandblasting to building furniture. Something not many people know though is that he took a shot at producing and promoting a product similar to orange paint stripper product so many painters use to clean off their hands and body after a job.

He did so much painting (after sandblasting) that he needed his own non-toxic option for paint removal. This was back before there weren't many options other than just using lacquer thinner on your hands...

Dave Lawless' product was blue and named "People Stripper." There are still a few bottles around but this now defunct product is a part of D. Lawless history. Here are a few shots of my father out in Las Vegas at a product convention. He had a local news feature where he covered his body in paint and used People Stripper to remove it.

Here he is getting sprayed down by my Uncle Duane for the cameras!

Dave Lawless & Duane McCommons - People Stripper

Vegas Product Show

Dave getting sprayed

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