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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Teardrop Pendant Pulls - New Product Feature

We brought this new teardrop pendant pull with the ceramic insert in just a couple months ago and it is already a top seller and top performer on social media! We got a great suggestion from furniture pro Nancy at Viv & Violets that a drop pull like this would be a great seller because the one her and a lot of her colleagues were using had been discontinued. Her suggestion was backed up by several others so we went out and had this one made that isn't the same, but is as close as we could get while creating an original product.

In just two months we've received photos from all over featuring the product and I am so impressed with how great it looks on a variety of styles and pieces. So...without further ado...

The latest photos sent in to me come from Meredith at Pumpkin Seed Designs on a beautiful hand painted buffet.

hand painted buffer with drop pulls

The first set of photos I got came just a week into stocking the product and came from Amini Design Ashburn on this great dresser makeover with matching ceramic knobs.

dresser makeover with pendant drop pulls

This nice closeup shot comes from Nancy at Viv & Violets who I mentioned at the top of the post. Thank you for the great suggestion Nancy!

sideboard with drop pulls

The Freckled Farmhouse shared several beautiful pieces that she used this drop pull on! Wow!

green dresser with ceramic drop pulls

hall table with little drop pull

white dresser makeover with white drop pulls

More photos come in all the time and we've already had to re-order more of these because they are such a hot seller at just $2.77 each which is nearly 50% lower than the previous piece they were using. This is our favorite thing to do, create high quality products and reduce costs for other small businesses. Thank you everyone and I look forward to more!

1 comment:

Dennie said...

Looking forward to shopping your site for some upcoming projects. Thanks to Meredith Schwerdt (who also happens to be MY DAUGHTER!) and Pumpkin Seed Designs for pointing me in the direction of your beautiful hardware. You guys rock.

Dennie DeBellis
Sunset Beach, NC