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Friday, November 15, 2019

Goodbye Dear Friend: Carnival Glass Knobs

We are sadly retiring this cobalt blue carnival glass knob...

Cobalt Blue Carnival Glass Knob - 1 1/4

It was part of our Depression Glass Collection and was a D. Lawless Hardware exclusive product that we went to substantially too much trouble to develop, haha! It matched our vintage glassware selection in the back and we thought it was a cool thing to do to make something that had never been make before. Well, it took us seven or eight years to sell the first batch and we aren't renewing them.

If you bought and used these, then you have some of only 1,000 blue carnival glass knobs to ever exist! Take care of them!

We still have the blue carnival glass pulls and both the carnival glass knob and pull in the pink carnival glass. But once they are gone, they will never return either.

Pink Carnival Glass Knob - 1 1/4

Pink Carnival Glass Knob - 1 1/4

We will continue to create new, 100% unique products moving forward, but we'll take our chances coming up with something that sells a little better! If you like them so much you want 500 of them then we've got it figured out how to make them, just let us know! lol!

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Trending Hardware Finish: Soft Brass

For awhile I thought that brass was making a comeback, but what's happened over the last few years is that instead of brass fully rising to it's former glory, kitchen designers and professionals have been using minor variations of brass like champagne bronze, gold, or soft brass.

Soft brass is the perfect option for home owners that like the look of brass, but what to avoid the flash and possible over the top shine in kitchens with a lot of hardware. Soft brass knobs and pulls give the color without the shine and the result is fantastic and much more versatile than bright brass.

We were lucky this week to work with Jamin and Ashley of The Handmade Home on a wonderful two tone kitchen and dining room makeover. In their design they chose the soft brass Octo pulls from Liberty Hardware and they look fantastic on both the white cabinets and the light blue island.

soft brass kitchen design

kitchen makeover with soft brass

Picture are the 128mm pulls but they also come in a dual mount 3"/3 3/4" and there is of course the matching knob.

kitchen island with soft brass

brass hardware

two tone kitchen with brass hardware

We also have some more great shots of this soft brass hardware from Jamie Jo Williams. What a beautiful white kitchen!

farmhouse style ktichen with brass hardware

soft brass knobs in white kitchen

white kitchen with soft brass hardware