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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

D. Lawless Depression Glass Cabinet Knobs

We have carried our line of depression glass knobs for over twenty years now. Our collection was originally created for customers building antique reproductions and were priced at a wholesale level. As time went on, we picked up retail customers and the price never went up. These are HIGH QUALITY glass knobs. You cannot get a better depression glass knob than this by paying more. We are at half the price of many places and are actually supplying the knobs to a lot of the places, but we won't mention any names!

Over the years we have picked up some amazingly talented customers using them on a regular basis so I thought I would feature some of the big ones and then add a few nice projects from other customers as well at the end.

First up, Surrey Lane Home does custom furniture work in and around Petoskey, Michigan and Sara's work is fantastic. Each piece is one of a kind and she uses our glass knobs on a ton of her pieces!

This first wonderful bright piece features a nice set of the clear glass knobs and is rolling on our wood casters too!

clear glass knobs

glass cabinet knobs

And this piece features matching clear glass knob and pulls!

glass cabinet knobs and pulls

clear glass pulls

Next up is another very talented furniture artist, Jennifer at Eight Hundred Furniture! Jennifer is well known in the furniture design world and each one of her pieces shows why! We are lucky to have some of her work featured on our most popular glass knob's product page. We are grateful because we know having her work leads to sales! Thank you Jennifer!

This lovely floral dresser features two sizes of our clear glass knob and is truly a wonderful piece of furniture.

glass knobs and blue floral dresser

floral dresser with glass dresser knobs

This next piece uses the same knobs and has a beautiful distressed finish. Beautiful work, the drawers with the distressing is fantastic!

custom dresser makeover glass knobs

two tone dresser with glass knobs

We've also had projects submitted by many other talented people and businesses and I'll show off a few more before we are done. If this article doesn't convince you how nice these knobs are, I don't know what will!!

Viv & Violets comes in with this white dresser makeover. I am particularly fond of the white and glass look. Thank you!

white dresser with glass knobs

Thank you to Wildflower Restorations for the great overhead shot of the knobs!

Clear Glass Knobs Top View

And finally I'll show off the glass knobs on a this nice black dresser from Eastern Shore Chic!

Black Dresser with Clear Glass Knobs

The glass knobs featured come in twelve different colors of which pink and milk white are quite popular as well. Each of the glass knobs has a matching glass pull in the style seen from Surrey Lane Home.

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