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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Cup Pulls for Traditional Kitchens

One of the top looks in the traditional or farmhouse style kitchen design the last few years has been the use of cup pulls for the drawers on the bottom half the cabinets. Most kitchens will match the cups with a knob but in some cases it can even look very nice with another pull on the upper cabinets.

Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with many fine kitchen designers that have taken advantage of this simple look to create some truly wonderful kitchen designs. So allow me to show off some of our favorite kitchens with cup pulls!

First we will start with simple white kitchen and black cup pulls from The Inspired Hive in a modern farmhouse kitchen makeover.

farmhouse kitchen with cup pulls

And a great shot from a magazine feature the same black pulls were used in. Again, another simple white traditional kitchen kept simple with the cabinet pulls.

We can see a pattern developing! How great do the antique pewter pulls looks in this next farmhouse kitchen featured at the blog Cherished Bliss?! The cup pulls are very simple and create a perfect contrast with the cabinets for a little special detail to focus on. Perfect!

farmhouse kitchen cup pulls

white farmhouse kitchen

cottage kitchen design

Next up we have a nice example of what you can do with a smaller kitchen space. The antique pewter cabinet hardware goes well with the gray tile backsplash and the cup pulls help create a traditional, simple look throughout. This kitchen was done by Evija and featured on her lifestyle blog From Evija with Love.

matte chrome cup pulls

matte chrome hardware

A similar style of pulls, often referred to as a bin pull, gives about the same look. This gorgeous  kitchen makeover from Kenosha Retro & Chic show off the industrial bin pulls in soft iron!

kitchen with bin pulls

kitchen makeover with bin pulls

And finally some nice shots of satin nickel cup pulls to show off the range of finishes that can fit into the traditional kitchen design.  Thanks for reading and be sure to click through to the blogs above as they have more shots of the hardware and kitchens and a whole lot of other ideas and articles!

white kitchen with cup pulls

satin nickel cup pull

white kitchen design

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