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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Glass Knobs from D. Lawless Hardware

D. Lawless Hardware got started carrying glass knobs of all kinds. Our first group of knobs was the depression glass style as before hardware, D. Lawless built all sorts of reproduction antique furniture and many of these pieces required having historically accurate glass knobs and pulls.

Over the years we have sold 100,000s of our D. Lawless brand glass knobs to builders and furniture artists of all kinds. We even wholesale them to resellers and many of the higher priced glass knobs that look just like the ones in this article were actually sourced from us.

Our most popular piece is the clear glass knob in a depression style. This knob is used by a ton of furniture professionals and works perfectly on any number of paint colors or wood tones.

fancy dresser with glass knobs

detailed dresser with a clear glass knobs

The clear glass really allows the color and art of the piece to be the focus. These photos come from three talented furniture restoration professionals Surrey Lane Home, Viv & Violets Design, and Eight Hundred Furniture. Each of these fine small businesses uses our clear glass on the regular.

white dresser with clear glass knobs

decagon clear glass knob

clear glass knob on floral dresser

The next most popular color is the pink glass knobs. Pink glass was a standard in the depression era and is probably why these are so popular in the antique restoration area as well.

These pieces come from another group of furniture professionals that love using our glass knobs as well. Thank you to Embracing Change, Sweet Serendipity, and Timeless Furniture Resto!

chest of drawers with pink glass knobs

ornate vanity with pink glass knobs

dresser with pink glass drawer knobs

pink glass knobs

Our glass knobs are handmade in the antique style just like they were made 100 years ago. Glass knob making is more of an art than a science and each of the knobs will have slight differences and even the colors will vary from knob to knob (only barely visibly) and from batch to batch.  Think of watching a glass blower make repeats of a certain design. It is kinda like that, except the differences are much smaller given the more mechanized nature of making large volumes of knobs.

Our collection features green glass knobs, blue glass knobs, milk white and more. Here are few shots of our other colors and remember that you can't get better glass knobs than these by paying more. Our collection is top quality and our business model allows us to keep the price low!

jadeite glass knob

green glass knobs

milk white glass knobs

cabinet with white glass knobs

barrel glass knobs

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