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Monday, January 20, 2020

Oil Rubbed Bronze Knobs Ideas & Projects

Oil rubbed bronze knobs are great for projects and rooms where you might have some wood tones or other warm, natural color schemes. oil rubbed bronze gives you the darkness necessary to create contrast with your furniture or cabinets, but won't clash with wood tops or counters like flat black hardware tends to do in some cases.

Over the years we've collected a lot of photo work from our customers using oil rubbed bronze knobs so I thought I'd whip together a little article featuring some of their projects to help our customers, or other people's customers for that matter, decide on how they'd like to use them or if they are the right choice for their kitchen or furniture project.

First up we will start with our most popular oil rubbed bronze knob from our baroque collection. These baroque style knobs are a very dark bronze and do just what I was saying above. The provide contrast with the cabinetry as well as soaking up some of the warmth coming from the wood counter tops and cabinets. The first kitchen is from a very talented customer and small business Distress Reliever.

oil rubbed bronze baroque style knobs

kitchen with oil rubbed bronze hardware

oil rubbed bronze kitchen hardware

The next photos come from Housekaboodle, a fun home and lifestyle blog that has used our hardware for many years! The hardware looks fantastic on the natural wood cabinetry!

natural wood cabinet with oil rubbed bronze

wood cabinets with oil rubbed bronze hardware

Next up is a very nice bronze T knob from Liberty Hardware. As you can see, it goes absolutely fantastically with the wood tones on this cabinet makeover from Colour Saturated Life.

cabinet with bronze T knobs

liberty hardware bronze t knob

A nice twist on the oil rubbed bronze finish has been gaining popularity now in the Venetian bronze finish. This little knob is a great example from Liberty Hardware and we can see it's versatility in three projects our customers have shared with us.

First in this nice dresser, also from Colour Saturated Life, that includes matching cup pulls and labels from D. Lawless Hardware. The bronze goes nicely with the creamy white distressed paint job.

dresser makeover with oil rubbed bronze hardware

And now a kitchen makeover from the kitchen design company Evolution of Style. The knobs really pick up some of the darker and more brown tones from the granite counter tops and bricks in this white kitchen makeover.

matching venetian bronze hardware

kitchen makeover with venetian bronze hardware

And finally, again picking up the wood tones on this beautiful hall table from Keri It Home!

blue hall table makeover

And finally we have projects from Wildflower Restorations and The Charming Home showing a couple more ways that bronze hardware can pretty much go with any paint color you've chosen for your piece. I especially love the navy blue and oil rubbed bronze look.

big dresser with bronze knobs

dresser with bronze knobs

Thank you for reading! I will continue this series with articles featuring most of the popular hardware finishes in order to help with ideas and choices for your home and furniture. Until then!

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