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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Wood Appliques

D. Lawless Hardware carries a wide range of wood appliques for furniture or for styling and decorating rooms. Our line of appliques is tried and tested over nearly 40 years! Dave Lawless started D. Lawless Hardware on the heels of his successful furniture building business (practically destroyed in two years by NAFTA). He used many of these exact appliques when building reproduction antique style pie safes, hutches, dressers, hall chairs, and more.

Over the years, as we moved from building furniture to supplying other builders we have widened our line of wood parts and appliques to include over 100 pieces of finely detailed wood scrolls, wood splashes, and  wood medallions.

Since the website has grown along with our customer list, we've received a lot of beautiful work submitted by our customers. Below I'll feature some of these businesses as well as some of our most popular pieces.

I'll start off with a nice example of prime applique use. They are great for filling in a large empty space with some detail. This hall chair and trunk is a good example. The wide empty oval space is begging for detail and with our large wood applique paint to match the trim on the bottom it is a wonderful upgrade to a lovely piece of furniture. Courtesy of Dix Hill Decor.

large wood scrool on hall chair and trunk

Next up I will feature our best selling and most popular wood applique. This flower horizontal applique is one of our originals, used by Dave Lawless, and we have a number of projects submitted from customers. First up I'll start off with a brilliant use by Sassy Townhouse Living as she spruced up her stairs with some gold painted appliques for accent on each step.

staircase with applique accents

The same appliques used for drawer accent and side accent on this lovely piece of reproduction antique furniture. My father used to build stuff just like this, however this one was submitted by a friendly customer!

Pie safe with wood appliques

And this final shot comes from an amazing vanity with wonderful detail from Deborah Anne! As with a lot of the furniture artists we work with, the staging on this piece is wonderful as well and I'm sure it flew out the showroom door.

vanity with appliques

A large splash applique can be used on a wide range of furniture and home decor and one of the best things I've seen done with them is to create a decorative valance for a sitting room or in a room with large drapes. The sitting room here is from Slightly Coastal, a nice home and design blog. These valances actually feature an entire set of our wood appliques. The corners and carved pieces are from us as well.

sitting room with detailed valance

valance with applique details

The same wide splash applique is used on the big drawer front of this beautiful dresser makeover from Furniture Chic, one of our long time customers!

dresser with decorative appliques

This wild piece here from REHABArt features these corner appliques, but with the one of kinda paint job they are a little hard to find right off! The artist actually appears to have used some of our thin, filigree appliques and cut them into smaller pieces to add detail all over. Great idea!

silver furniture with appliques

I'll finish up with a mighty big armoire from Uniquely Grace that features two of our biggest thickest carved wood pieces. The big beautiful piece looks fantastic with the applique detail!

armoire with carved wood appliques

You can see the rest of our decorative wood appliques on our main site and a good chunk of our product pages have many more customer projects to help give you ideas on what you can do to spice up an old piece of furniture or accent your home.
Til next time!

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