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Monday, April 13, 2020

New Teardrop Pendant Pulls!

I am very happy to finally announce that our long awaited set of pendant pulls is finally here! Late last year we came out with the original teardrop pendant pulls with a ceramic center. Our design is unique like all our original products, but of course there are many similar options available out there. What sets ours apart is of course the price! These pendant pulls are very heavy and strong and are still under $3. $2.77 to be exact!  Here is a look at the original as well as some great furniture piece featuring it. Then I'll follow up with our two new drop pulls in the same style but with different finishes and ceramic insert.

Teardrop Pendant Drop Pull
Amini Design Ashburn was the first furniture artist to use the pulls and send in photos and her piece is stunning! Matching white ceramic knobs on the top drawers.
dresser with drop pulls

The ceramic drop pulls also look great on this blue and wood sideboard from Viv & Violets.

sideboard with white ceramic drop pulls

Looks great with green too! Thank you for sharing this lovely cabinet makeover with the pendant pulls Freckled Farmhouse!

green cabinet and drop pulls

And here another from The Freckled Farmhouse, white on white!

chippy white dresser and white drop pulls

And now without further ado, here are our two new pendant drop pulls. High quality and same low price. We have added a satin brass drop pull and an antique pewter and black drop pull!

D. Lawless Pendant Pulls

We've only had these two drops for sale for a little over a month and they are already becoming a top product like the original. In fact I already have great photos of the satin brass one! Here are a couple shots from Simply Distinctive Home that show it in action.

drop pulls on green sideboard

ceramic drop pulls

More new DLH products every couple of months or so, so be on the look out! Thanks for reading!

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