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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Pro Tip for 2 3/4" Cabinet Pulls

I get customers searching for 2 3/4" cabinet pulls all the time when they are trying to update an old piece or modernize a dated kitchen. This size of pull was never that common, but in the last 20 years it has come to be nearly non existent as far as new hardware is concerned. This can make it very difficult to replace and if you were to find some, your options for style and finish would be extremely limited.

I have come up with a solution that while not perfect, significantly increases the options someone has when trying to replace 2 3/4" pull. The trick comes by a little creative use of what are called "dual mount pulls". Dual mount pulls usually come so that they will mount at two common sizes. For instance we have these dual mount cup pulls and they mount at both 64mm (2 1/2") and 3". Now this is confusing to start, but I don't make the rules. 64mm is what this size is more commonly called besides 2 1/2".  Just the way it is.

This is where we can get to 2 3/4"! By simply using one hole from the 3" set of centers and one hole from the 2 1/2" set of centers, we end up right at 2 3/4"!

dual mount cup pulls

And now if you simply use one of each you have 2 3/4"!

2 3/4" cup pulls


Using this option will slightly shift your cup pulls 1/4" in one direction or the other. So be sure doing this won't look funky on your cabinet. Be sure to use the same set of holes each time or your pulls will look offset if you have a line of them as in for example, on a dresser.

D. Lawless Hardware only carries a set of six cup pulls in this dual mount style. They can be found here on our 64mm and 3" dual mount page. However, there are many more dual mount pieces out there available from other vendors and at this this significantly increases your options.

Good luck!

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