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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Got Good Bones

Today I just want to do a quick introduction to one of my favorites websites. Got Good Bones is a fixture of the vintage and furniture restoration communities since 2014 and grows each year.

From their website:
Established in 2014, Got Good Bones ® is a creative commerce and informative group of buyers, sellers, pickers, painters, collectors and business owners featuring Antiques, Vintage, Home Decor, and furniture items. Tools of the trade are also available, such as paint, brushes, materials, etc. And the advice… and bragging rights….well those are yours and are always free!!
D. Lawless Hardware does a ton of business with this very same community of people and I have my own account and contribute now and again myself. Johannah is a hard working talented woman and you can she puts a lot of time and effort into maintaining such a solid resource for the community. Beautiful furniture and photography abounds!

vintage table set

vintage bookshelf

Furniture professionals and pickers can benefit greatly from the education in style, technique, rarity, and history of collectibles and furniture. Knowledgeable people frequent the site and post their work as well. One of the top thing Got Good Bones offers for newbies and folks interested in the vintage business is HOW TO MAKE MONEY! Now most of us are interested in this stuff just because we love it, but there is no better way to be able to expand and enjoy your hobby more than if it pays for itself!

old cabinet for tools

                    buddha statues

The whole site is filled with wonderful vintage photography and the Got Good Bones Blog features giveaways, antiques, restoration tips, historical tidbits and more! Sign up with them today and get in on the fun! I'll end with a streak of wonderful pickin' photos. Enjoy!

vintage jewelry

vintage armoire

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

ceramic owls

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