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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Cocoa Bronze Cabinet Pulls

Introducing the Cocoa Bronze finish from Liberty Hardware!  This finish was brand new in 2019 and has been gaining steam lately so I thought I'd share a few photos of the styles it comes in as well as some finished kitchen shots using the finish.

Cocoa bronze is similar to an oil rubbed bronze when viewed from regular standing distance, but as you get closer you see a much lighter and more intricate coloration which really looks like a ground cocoa with various shades from tan to deep brown all coming together to give a deep, but warm bronze color.

Cocoa bronze cabinet pulls were used by the popular blog The Created Home and we are very fortunate to have permission to share the photography here. You can see from the progression of shots that as you get closer to the pulls and as brighter light plays on them, they lighten up substantially.

cocoa bronze hardware

cocoa bronze pulls

cocoa bronze kitchen pulls

In a bright kitchen like above you can start to see exactly what I mean when I say they have lighter shades of tan and bronze. However, in a darker kitchen, without direct light, this effect will be muted and you'll be dealing with something far more similar to oil rubbed bronze as seen below.

cocoa bronze pulls

Coordinating cocoa bronze hardware comes in the form of hooks, latches, and wall plates for consistency through the entire house.

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