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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Cup Hooks Collection

D. Lawless Hardware carries a wide line of cup hooks and there is no one we've ever seen that can come close to the prices we offer. We are no joke selling 100 of them, at a higher quality, than most places are selling cheap thin ones in 20 packs. We can do this because we originally got into them as a way to supply small hobby builders. We had no reason to pack them in little packs and neither did our customers. So they come in packs of 100 and the price is unbeatable.

Here I'll show some of our cup hooks in use by customers and business partners as well as share some of the reviews and price comparisons. You have found your source for cup hooks!

First up is Curiographer who uses our brass cup hooks to make natural wood jewelry hanging pieces!

Our collection is quite popular with the custom jewelry shelf or hanger crowd. Many of them, like The Knotty Shelf here, are selling on Etsy!

Another Etsy store that's been having success building hook racks for sports events and such is Artful Nests! No reason to go light on the hooks when they cost .05 each for the big ones!

We are also one of the few places to carry stainless steel cup hooks. These are perfect for marine use or in areas near the ocean where metal corrodes or rusts quickly. And just as before we are around a quarter of the price of the nearest competitor.

stainless steel cup hooks

These cup hooks are so high quality that the only review that isn't five star is clearly just a mistake. I took a screen grab from the page of the 7/8" hooks and Anne calls them "perfect" and says we were "great to do business with." Thank you Anne! We forgive the mistake! :) Open in a new tab to see a bigger version. Even our bad reviews are good!

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