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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Designs by Dee

As most of our customers have seen, our site is full of wonderful photography and projects from businesses, customers, and hobbyists. I have been collecting photos and working with other small businesses for about ten years now and collectively these photos really make our site a unique store. I am grateful to all my contributors but from time to time like to feature a business that has provided a lot of photography over the years.

So today I am featuring Designs by Dee! Stationed just north of Nashville, TN Designs by Dee is ready for custom work anywhere in the Nashville area! I have known Denise for several years now and I bet there are probably at a bare minimum ten photo sets of hers on the site, possibly closer to 20. I know for a fact these photos have increased on sales on the products and Denise also loves to use our D. Lawless original hardware so that makes me extra happy. I linked her personal website above, but she also has an active Facebook page.

A recent piece uses our antique pewter cup pulls and knobs with an ornate rose pattern. They go perfectly on this beautiful natural wood stain hutch! With the knobs, she added her own backplate that don't normally come with the knobs. Looks fantastic! But I'm not sure if the backplate is from us.

This next piece is another beautiful wood stain piece and this time featuring a set of our wood appliques! The dresser knobs look great as well! They must be from somewhere else but I think the escutcheons are ours too! Gorgeous!

And proving how great a business partner and customer to D. Lawless Designs by Dee is, I went to her Facebook page while writing this and her latest piece features hardware from us as well! This sideboard is stunning and features matching cup pulls and drop pulls from Liberty Hardware of which we carry their entire line. Ornate and detailed tops are one of Denise's specialties and details like these really make a piece one of a kind.

Please take a second to like and follow Designs by Dee if you are the furniture artist type and make a mental note if you are in the Nashville area! I'll soon try to start featuring more of our top contributors so that we can all continue to succeed and create beautiful things together!

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